10 Cats That Could Pass As Dogs (Part 2)

Woof! I mean, meeowww.

Some cats….are really dogs. If you have one like this, you know what I mean.

2. Or this kitty who waits for its owner to come home and rub its belly.

3. This cat who loves the car (and pants like a dog).

4. This cat who loves beef.

5. This one who will fetch a toy and actually bring it back.

6. And this cat bonding with an actual dog over their shared interest in hunting other animals.

Instagram: @mondie_k

The caption reads: “This dog had no idea what to make of friendly little Meowigan until they both discovered their love of rabbit-watching.”

7. This cat who will fetch a stick.

8. This cat chasing its own tail.

9. This kitty who likes to munch on shoes.

Instagram: @tamis_journey_through_life

10. This cat who can catch a ball (though, it is a ball of yarn).

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11. This other cat who loves to pant.

12. This cat who plays fetch with the enthusiasm of a canine.

13. This cat who literally does backflips to play catch.

14. This cat who doesn’t care how you’re supposed to play with a toy.

15. This cat who proves they will literally fetch anything.

16. This cat who will fetch even if it can’t fit the ball in its mouth.

17. This cat who steals food right off your plate.

18. This cat who wants to help with the yard work.

19. This cat just makin’ its way down town.

20. This cat who makes me think cats may actually be better at fetch than dogs. They can play in smaller spaces!

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