Why Your Cat Will Appreciate Some Time Outside This Fall

beautiful striped cat sits in the green grass on a Sunny meadow in the summer and looking at flying to the sun the butterfly

Thank goodness summer is finally gone. The heat was sometimes unbearable sometimes, but imagine what it has done to your cat. Cats tend to have issues adjusting to the high temperature changes that occur during summer time. You probably noticed this as they became more lazy than normal and have a loss of appetite. Fall then is a great time to let them out so they can stretch their legs and have fun.

Most cats love the fresh air that they experience outdoors. Being stuck inside all summer might make them more anxious. Therefore it is a good idea to allow your cat to be able to stroll in the great outdoors during this fall before temperature begin to drop further into the year. Cats love the hunt and allowing them to chase after butterflies in the backyard will improve their mood significantly.

Cats love climbing. The best they could do during the summer is climb on top of your work table. Which can cause chaos because they accidentally pushes thinks out of their way as the move about. Now that fall is here allow them to go out and stretch their limbs as the climb up and down those trees.

Most cats were locked up in the house the whole day during summer so as to cool down. Meaning all their businesses were done inside the houses. Allowing them to go out will be a reprieve and a change to the environment to be able to answer the call of nature on natural ground. Also be able to mark and scent their territories for friends and foes.

The outdoors with the new season starting will be great for your inquisitive cat. New scents, sights colour change the smell of fall, new textures and experiences. Long grasses to roll on and feel free playing with the insects in them. All this for your cat to be able to experience after months of lounging.

While there are many benefits of your cat leaving the house this fall, make sure they can be as safe as you are able to make them. They should always leave with their ID collar so when they do get lost finding them won’t be an issue.

Also, while a leash is great when you’re with your cat, do not leash them when they are going outside on their own. Because they might strangle themselves by mistake when the leash gets stuck on a twig in a bush or something of the sort.

It is risky to let your cat outdoors, but do also remember that they can get bored and anxious staying indoors always. Find a balance that will make your cat happy to be both outside as well as indoors. Let it be an animals that it is getting all this experiences and exercises in without a care. You will be a happy cat parent if your cat is happy.


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