Do Cats Fart? And Other Answers to Your Odd Cat Questions

Have you ever just being thinking on nothing then your cat passes by and a weird thought pops up in your mind out of the blue? Well it has happened to me. Here are some of those odd question that you would want to know.

  1. Do cats fart?
    This is a question many vets have been asked but no definitive answer has been given. As cats do have a digestive system and sometime gases are seen to be in the system it’s a yes that they do pass gas. However, the trick question is that do the fart as loudly as humans do? Now that is not known, but just cause a tree fall in the forest without being heard doesn’t mean it hasn’t fallen. Same thing applies to cats and farting. Just cause no one has here them fart does not mean they do not.
  2. What is the limit of the number of times a cat can give birth?
    Kittens are known to give birth to a litter of kitten at an average of about 4 to 6 kittens. The highest number of kittens born to ever been recorded is about 19. Cats do not have an equivalent to menopause. They do not menstruate for them to undergo menopause. Their fertility does decline, but they can still give birth
  3. Can cats fall on their backs?
    A cat can fall on its back at certain situations. Either when it is unconscious or when it has a problem with its senses. On normal occasions a cat will land on its feet due to ‘the cat righting reflexes.’ A cat starts developing these reflexes between the third and the fourth week after birth and are perfected by the sixth or seventh week. Therefore making it so hard for a cat to fall on their backs.
  4. Does a cat have nine lives in real sense?

No, a cat having nine lives is all not true. The myth came about because they tend to never get hurt so they appear to be lucky enough to not get hurt for nine lives worth. Cats have only one life to live, eat and play.

  1. Why do cats rub themselves on you?
    It is always cute when your cat comes and rub itself on you and purrs. Yes, it is adorable and it is a said to be the way that cats show affection . . . or is it? Apparently as it rub itself on you it is making its territory. Cats have pheromone glands in its eye skin and anus that emits a pheromone that it rubs on you stating it claim and ownership of you as his.

What other weird and odd cat question have you thought of? Let us know and see what answer will find out for you.


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