Destructive Tendencies of Outdoor Cats

People do let their cats to go outside to play, stretch their legs and many other good intentions. The good intentions are thrown out of the window once they come back, or worst-case scenario they get hit by a car or get attacked by a dog in the neighborhood. But even if your cat seems to be fine while it ventures outdoors, the amount of damage your cat does on the environment needs to be considered.

Outdoor cats kill thousands of little animals every year. Sure, you might be happy that your cat is killing pests like mice, but they also kill birds, lizards, insects, other small mammals, snakes, etc. Cats are not natural to the environment, especially not in the numbers that we currently have. Therefore, when they are outdoors killing these creatures, they are throwing the ecosystem out of wack and potential endangering these animals. Cats can not distinguish whether the bird they just killed is a common robin or an endangered bird that’s struggling to make a comeback. And, If a cat finds it’s way into a nest, it can kill the whole family of these birds.

Outdoor cats sometimes do carry weird play things back to the house. Outdoor cats do get things that interest them outside and they do carry them into the house. Sometimes they kill other small rodents and carry them into the house. Another reason this is not good is that it is not hygienic as sometimes they do carry diseases and bacteria from outside and may even bit you when they are in foul moods infecting you.

If you want to bread your cat, or if you want to prevent kittens from your cat, this cannot happen if they are constantly outside with other cats. As long they get a willing partner they will allow them access to them. Hence, if you do want to have a certain type breed of litter of kittens it is advisable to keep you cat indoors. Cats also may end up wandering when they are in heat to find mates. So, if you are not interested with have kittens have your cat neutered hence it won’t stray so far.

Cats are predators by nature, they love adventure and scavenging. Hence, when they are outside they will go scavenging in dumpsters around the block of the place that you are living. This is not healthy and hygienic for them especially when they eat the infected or unhygienic foods. His might cause them to fall ill, causing you a trip to the veterinary clinic for a check-up.

Cats also get destructive when they are anxious. It’s a form of communication to let the parent know they are not happy or they are distressed. They may have encountered a nemesis outside and the thought of going out to face them may cause them to be anxious. All that pent up energy is released by them acting up a destroying things or sharpening their claws in places they are not supposed to. You can try to keep your cat indoors if you notice every time it goes out it comes back destructive.

Cats in general are very active creature. In the wild all their energy is usually engaged in hunting and looking for food so as to better survive. At home that is not the case as they are fed on a regular basis and the energy they would have dissipated while hunting is always there. Punishing your cat for wrong doing will only make your cat fearful and anxious around you. So, as the cat parents find new and innovative ways to get your cat to be more active so as they lose that energy.

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