Friends Not Foes: How to make cats and dogs friends

Cat and dog sleeping. Pets sleeping embracing

Puppies and kittens can be good friends and live together in harmony. Their bonds are so beautiful to watch as they grow. That kind of love and bond is breath taking and refreshing to be a part of. What a site to see, what a wonder to experience, what a joy to feel when to creatures of different species come together and love one another.

From the days of old, they were always meant to be foes. Dogs and cats, never to feast at the same table. Never to be sleep under one roof. Species so different, only for one similarity: their ability to love their human companions with every fiber of their being. Time has passed and their narrative seems to change as they evolve into creature with the capacity to love each other. This is the true definition of love has no boundaries. Even to simple creatures like cats and dogs, love does prevail.

They are many situations that drive cats and dogs to be friend. Traumatic situations from both the cat and the dog tends to draw them together. Other times one of the other animal saves the other from a situation, and they become fast friends within no time.

Another way for a cat and dog to be friends is when we intervene when they are young. Making them bond and play with one another when they are young, makes them grow up to be long term friends. There are some easy step to follow if you want your kitten and your puppy to be best friends. Here are some of the tips to achieving friendship between cats and dogs.

  1. Adopt both a kitten and a puppy when they are about 8 weeks old. This will allow you to make them know each other sooner in their lives.
  2. Do not allow them to be in the same room. Create a sleeping and eating area for both the kitten and the puppy in different rooms.
  3. Inter change their sleeping blanket. After they have slept on their new beds after some time interchange their blankets. This is to introduce the scent of each animal to the other.
  4. Introduce them to one another. After the introduction of their scents, introduce the kitten and the puppy to each other for a few minutes. Let them see each other but do not let them interact.
  5. After a few more visit of getting to see each other it’s now time to allow them to interact. Allow them to start playing together though supervised for a few minutes. Prolong this play times gradually until you are satisfied they are now friends.

Everyone needs a friend and cats and dogs also do recognize that need. When they do find a kindred spirit they do click and they will always be friends. They do adopt each other and become one family.

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