So mad, but so cute. Times Cats Were Angry Little Fluff Balls

We love our pet cats always as they are usually fun, cuddly and super cute. What about when our furry little companions decide to get angry? Definitely a sight to see. They scrunch up their little pretty faces try to be all serious and mad, but they end up being cute and adorable. Have you ever seen a kitten angry? Oh, boy! Aren’t they fierce?  Or have you ever heard their little kitty growls? Totally cute and charming. They just make you love them even more.

There are so many reasons why your feline babies end up being mad at us. The reasons might seem ridiculous to us, but they do affect the relationship and bond you have with your cat. Below are some examples of when your cat might be angry and mad at you or at something.

I can groom myself on my own!

Sometimes our cats do need a baths, especially when washing them with flea and fungal medication. But domesticated cats tend to have an aversion to water. So, whenever you have to wash them, they might end up being angry with you for a while.

I don’t need clothes, I have my own coat!

We love dressing our cats with different costumes for they always look so adorable and the photos are usually cute and purrfect. Different occasions like Christmas and Halloween are holidays that we would love to dress them up in different costumes. Some cats can tolerate the costumes, but others might not. This can make our cats mad at us. If you want to dress up your cat for an occasion introduce it to small articles over a period of time before the due day then it might be able to tolerate dressing up.

I’m the boss of you!

Sometime our cats end up being so ridiculous. Why would you fight with something that did nothing wrong to you at all? Anyway this always end up being so entertaining to us when we are bored. Our cats always start by playing with the object and try to dominate it. For the lazy cats, they up and leave when the change becomes too much. For the determined ones, they end up fighting with it and getting angry. It’s usually so funny to watch when they get so riddle up.

I want it now!

Have you ever experienced a kitty temper tantrum? Some are pretty annoying especially when they start making noises. Why do they think they can get what they want whenever they want even when we are busy? They are time tough love needs to be enforced, but if you have a cat that knows you can cave they can decided to be drama queens and kings. When they do get angry cause they want what they want and are not taken seriously. Take a step back from getting annoyed and watch its facial expression. You will end up smiling because your cat will look so cute.

No matter what the situation our cats are cute and adorable. As much as angry mad is also cute do not make your cat constantly mad cause it might strain the relationship between you. Otherwise, when they do get mad take a picture to remember how cute they were.

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