The Best Ways to Love Your Cat

Beautiful little cat on a grey sofa

There are so many ways we can show our cute cats that we love them. Our cats give us their love the best they know how. They curl around your feet and walk in circles around you. They purr whenever the sit next to you. Scratch and play with you even when you are not in the mood. And, most importantly, they give us the coveted head rubs. For us, as their parents we ought to show them also that they are appreciated and loved back.

The first way of showing your cat that you love them is by giving them their basic needs. Just like human, they do need food, shelter and a comfortable place to sleep. Giving your cat a meal with all its dietary needs goes a long way to show that you love it. Make sure all the food groups are included. Do not over indulge your cat. Allowing your cat to be overweight will make it lazy and susceptible to sleeping all the time and potentially develop weight-related diseases. A healthy cat is an active cat. A good and comfortable place to wind down and rest also is required by your cat. Providing it shows how much you love your cat.

Being understanding of your cats’ character, preference and habits. Show that you love them. Be attentive and notice the small things that you cat likes and loves. Take note of any food allergies and reactions. Also notice your cat’s mood swings. This will help you understand whether your cat is stressed or not.

Do not always shout at your cat when they make a mistake. Find a creative way that will make your cat understand what they did was wrong and to not repeat it. Always shouting at your cat will make your cat weary of your presence hence causing your relationship to be strained. Do not deny your cat food as a form of punishment. Find some time from your schedule to spend with your cat playing on a daily basis. This will strengthen your bond and make your cat feel loved. Also will help alleviate any boredom your cat might be feeling from staying indoors the whole day.

Take your cat for frequent medical check-ups with its vet at the clinic. This shows that you are concerned about their well-being and will not wait until something is wrong. Also, whenever your cat’s mood changes do consult with your vet doctor for something might be wrong with your feline companion.

All in all they are our cat to love and to cherish. Do not give up on them when they become severely sick. Cats are simple animals to love. Let them in, give them a chance, and they will be a part of your family.

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